Everywhere you look, there is great advice on how to run training courses, what to do and how to do it. But no one tells you what not to do – those things that are guaranteed to disappoint or detract from your training.

So here is the top list of 7 things to never do:

Don’t do Monday mornings or Fridays Obvious really, but it’s amazing how often courses are agreed without checking which day of the week they are on.

Don’t create a 5 day course Delegates simply won’t put aside a full week to attend your training course. Their boss simply won’t allow it and if they are the boss, they won’t want to take a week out. Condense your 5 days content into 3 days.

Don’t pin your hopes on public courses You won’t get the take up you are expecting, the training market has moved on – sorry!

Don’t isolate your delegates Introduce your delegates to each other, get them to network together and create ways they can carry on their conversations after your training. Share their contact details with each other – with their permission.

Don’t set overnight assignments Rather start the next day with a summary of the previous day. You avoid embarrassing those that didn’t have time or were not staying over, forgot or could not be bothered.

Don’t immortalise one delegate Constantly referencing one of your delegates because you happen to know they are good in an area is guaranteed to embarrass that person and alienate the rest of your audience.

Don’t overrun With child care charges of up to £5 per minute for overtime, you’re not making friends by overrunning. Finish 10 minutes early and offer your delegates the chance to join you for an informal coffee or drink.

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