For Speakers

If you’re a specialist speaker, there’s an opportunity to win more engagements through becoming CPD Accredited.

Independent CPD Accreditation enables your audience to include their time with you as part of their CPD hours.

For the millions of professionals who are required (often by law) to complete a certain number of CPD hours each year, this gives them an additional incentive to attend your presentations.

With over 1,400 professional bodies requiring CPD, it also allows you to expand into new markets.

Once accredited, you are more likely to win in-house speaking engagements with companies that require CPD of their employees.


CPD Accreditation for Speakers

Our accreditation for speakers considers not only their knowledge of the subject matter but also their experience and expertise in speaking in front of large and small groups. 

This CPD accreditation is different to our individual coaching CPD accreditation, as it is purely focused on speakers delivering seminars and presentations to groups of people. Each individual subject matter area is subject to a separate accreditation process.

Once accredited, you receive an accredited provider logo, access to CPDSO member benefits, and access to incredible discounts for a digital certificate service.

Definition of a Speaker for CPD Accreditation Purposes

The CPD Standards Office defines a speaker as an individual who delivers keynote speeches at conferences or seminars to an audience. This can be either face-to-face or in a digital setting as part of an online conference or symposium.
Speakers are often experts or experienced professionals in a specific field, and their role is to convey information, share insights, or engage the audience on a particular topic.

Criteria for a speaker

An accredited speaker typically has a main subject area that is tailored to each speech or session, depending on the audience. Other factors that can shape the speech include economic, technological, political or social trends that are relevant to the topic area. The speech is usually part of a wider event, such as a conference or industry event.


Speakers can deliver their speeches in a short 30-minute to 1-hour session as part of a wider conference.

Number of attendees

A speaker’s audience depends on the event size. The attendees can range from approximately 20 attendees to over 150 attendees at a conference.


Conference and industry events will run at a specific location for a set amount of time, where speakers will deliver to an in-person audience. With the recent changes of technology, online conferences are now normal and can span anywhere from half a day to 3 or 4 days.

Number of speakers

This depends on the conference or event, where there might be several speakers delivering content as part of an overall agenda.

Communication style

Speeches and keynote presentations normally form a one-way communication style to attendees. Some sessions offer the opportunity for delegates to ask questions, however the Q & A section is usually quite a short timeframe.

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