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If you’re a specialist speaker there’s an opportunity to win more engagements through becoming CPD Accredited.

Independent CPD Accreditation enables your audience include their time with you as part of their CPD hours.

For the millions of professionals who are required (often by law) to complete a certain number of CPD hours each year, this gives them an additional incentive to attend your presentations.

With over 1,400 professional bodies requiring CPD, it also allows you to expand into new markets.

Once accredited, you are more likely to win in-house speaking engagements with companies who require CPD of their employees.


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Online educator? Expert? Coach? Trainer? Speaker? Maverick Zoom Presenter? Author? Thought Leader?

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We have a rich, diverse, global community, welcoming individuals and organisations from all corners of the globe.

Present in over 50 countries, the CPD Standards Office has formed its own ecosystem.

Constantly growing and evolving, our members have opportunities to build connections and relationships within sectors, shared topics and across professions.

Unique, Different and Eclectic

Each of our members have dedicated time to become experts within their fields and built wisdom through discovery.

Many have taken a vision, a solution, and created ‘a new way’ for learning a particular topic or skill set. Taking their own defined pathway to offer training, coaching or online education, CPDSO celebrates and is proud to have accredited each and every provider within our community.

The initial cpd research behind the cpd standards office

Collaborative Support & Friendship

We know how hard, how tough, how lonely and how challenging it is to build a successful learning experience, as well as a sustainable business with longevity.

Supported by our dedicated CPDSO advisors, membership of the CPD Standards community benefits from collaboration, networking and friendship.

Genuine, Authentic and Professional

To achieve membership of the CPD Standards community, each individual and organisation has completed a thorough, robust assessment process and met the detailed requirements for formal CPD accreditation.