Digital Learning

Sell more digital training with CPD accreditation

Sell more digital training with CPD accreditation

Our research has shown there is an ever-increasing demand for CPD accredited activities online. Many professionals now prefer to do their CPD hours at home or online, rather than travel – and take time off work – for live courses.

By accrediting your digital course you will: 

  • Attract more delegates looking for online CPD courses
  • Be able to enter new markets
  • Be part of our recommended providers
  • Have access to a network of top providers who share best practice
  • Be given findings from our research on what delegates really want from online courses
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Demonstrate cutting edge service by issuing digital CPD certificates using blockchain technology

Digital learning formats that could achieve accreditation through the CPD Standards Office include, but are not limited to:

E-learning courses
Gamified resources
Structured reading through Ebooks, PDFs or other downloaded material

These activities can be delivered to any type of community, group or individual. They will always be focused on a well-defined theme or topic, with each different digital learning format always accredited separately.

Today these standards include different accreditation routes for:

  • F2F Training courses and events
  • Digital and online learning
  • Apprenticeships
  • Structured reading
  • Web apps
  • Independent speakers


Definition of Online Course and Digital Learning

The CPD Standards Office defines an online course as an online recorded and static educational experience. An online course differs from face-to-face courses, as the whole learning experience is delivered online, where delegates can access the content anywhere and anytime. 

With recent changes in technology, online courses can be delivered on various platforms and can cover any topic or training for a certain profession. 

Other Types of Online Courses 

Online training courses can also be delivered on different technologies or formats; including microlearning, blended learning (F2F course and online sessions), certified courses or apps such as language learning. 

Criteria for an Online Course

An online training course is a recorded educational experience and sessions that are evergreen and repeated in the same format on an ongoing basis. 


Online courses can run from 30 minutes to 3 days, depending on the course content and number of modules.

Number of attendees

Online courses can have any number of attendees undertaking the course at any given point in time. There might be 10 attendees, 200 or 2000, dependent on the popularity and marketing success of the course. 


On a technology platform accessible by PC, laptop, tablet or mobile app.

Number of instructors – As online courses are pre-recorded, there can be a few online speakers or instructors, however, typically there will be one main instructor or voiceover. 

Communication Style – Online courses are typically one-way communication of information to attendees.  Some courses have a contact or instructor that attendees can contact if they have any specific questions or queries before, during or after the course.

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