CPD for Employers

The Benefits of CPD Accreditation for Employers

At CPD Standards, we offer employer accreditation schemes. The aim of this employer accreditation programme is to work with employers and equip them with the necessary skills and experience they need to support our members within their organisations.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of individual employees who seek to enrol in CPD accreditation programmes. In view of this, it became necessary to create a training programme which would ensure that employers of these CPD trainees were equipped with the necessary knowledge that will enable them to provide a favourable and conducive workspace for their employees. This led to the birth of our employer accreditation programme. Nowadays, employer accreditation is a popular service which promotes professionalism in businesses and organisations. Basic knowledge of our procedures goes a long way in providing for the needs of these individuals.

There are other reasons why it is advantageous to enrol in a CPD employer accreditation programme. As a CPD certified employer, you will have a competitive advantage in recruitment as professional development is a key factor considered by the most ambitious and talented employees in the market.

Furthermore, you will have access to an extensive database of CPD accredited employees, which can help improve hiring rates and add an extra layer of checks to your recruitment process. What are the prerequisites for employer-based training accreditation?

To become a CPD accredited employer, the following elements need to be considered:

  • Have a clear view and understanding of your organisation’s goals for the CPD employer accreditation scheme and how you expect it to impact your business
    Be committed to the development and enhancement of your employees in line with CPD best practice and standards.
  • Have a system for assessing, evaluating and delivering professional training to employees with the aim of promoting knowledge and skills enhancement
    Be open to organisational analysis and review which seek out to find the developmental needs of your company and resolve them to promote greater productivity.
  • Provide ethical support and guidance to employees within your workspace
    Creating a conducive environment for employees where they can contribute actively to the daily functioning of your business

How you can become a CPD accredited employer

You can register to join our employer’s accreditation programme by sending in a mail to CPD Standards’ address or online via our website. When you register to become an accredited employer, we will get in touch with you or your company’s representative. Your representative could be anyone but we prefer an employee from the Human Resource department. The following are the areas we would focus on in our discussion:


  • Your employees’ skills and how to promote further development, training and enhancement programmes
  • How to integrate our employer accreditation programme with the current programme you are running
  • Promoting the active participation of your employees throughout the training course in order to make sure that they benefit fully from the programme
  • Supporting your company in other aspects in order to promote the standards of services offered to the public
  • How to help your business – your employees and you – achieve desired business goals through CPD certification
  • How to identify or create avenues for business expansion
  • Locating and building upon your weaknesses in your company
  • Adopting other effective business strategies in order to overcome major competitors

7 Benefits to Becoming an Accredited CPD Employer
In a highly competitive marketplace, it becomes necessary to offer professional services that will clearly distinguish you from the competition. Possessing a CPD certification promotes your image as a trustworthy and professional employer. 

This goes a long way to instil your workforce with professional expertise and also helps you to retain your employees so that you spend less recruiting new employees. The overall effect is a net increase in the quality of services your company offers. Other benefits include:

Having received CPD certification, you will also be privileged to associate the CPD symbol with the services you offer. You can also display the CPD certificate in your company’s profile. This shows that you have received CPD training and that your services are in line with professional standards.

Our support will go a long way in helping you to achieve your business and management goals. Likewise, your employees will also improve their services professionally and achieve their training goals.

CPD Standards also offers organisation-wide accreditation programmes for business owners who are enrolled in our employer-based training accreditation. So your employees will also undergo CPD accreditation as part of our business accreditation.

By offering CPD accredited employment to clients, you will gain recognition as a high standard employer. This enables you to have access to the top talents in the market.

CPD standards will help you with support and supervision, that will, in turn, assist your employees to achieve maximum productivity.

Moreover, by listing your company as one of the companies that offer CPD accredited employment on our webpage and on other vital sites, you will have a reputation as a serious employer.