Specialist Language Courses (SLC) designs and facilitates complex technical – and business focused language programmes to an international market, focusing on courses where language skills make a critical difference to organisational and individual effectiveness.

As a consultancy SLC offers a ‘best of breed’ approach, working with specialist schools, inhouse training organisations and online language experts. We work with Business, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Medicine, Law, Finance, and the Military sectors among others.

SLC works increasingly in online language training. This year, the company is releasing a suite of online Medical English courses for Nurses, Doctors, Health Care Assistants and Carers, and another focusing on the English for Health & Safety in the Oil & Gas industry. Courses will be both self-study and blended, using both online and classroom tuition

Why have you sought CPD Standards Accreditation?

SLC sought CPD Standards Accreditation for its recently launched course, Online English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials Right.

XX commented: “We wanted to have the course externally and independently verified in order to
demonstrate the quality of the course to potential learners and organisational
purchasers, such as NHS Trusts, healthcare recruitment companies, private
healthcare groups and medical universities.”

SLC also believed the accreditation would strengthen the marketability of its course as online technical English courses are not part of mainstream training as they are difficult to
create and relatively ‘niche’ in their appeal. They commented: “Given the irregular shifts of healthcare professionals and how busy most are, we
believe that an online training is the best way for international nurses to learn the
English to communicate effectively in an English-speaking environment. We felt that
having CPD Standards accreditation would give us greater authority when
presenting the concept to individuals and organisations.”

SLC delegates are international nurses who are preparing to work, or who have recently
started to work in an English-speaking environment, including NHS Trusts, private hospitals,
primary care practices, and care homes. SLC commented on how they benefit from a CPD

“Nurses need to show that they have undertaken CPD-accredited activities as part of their re-validation process. For international nurses, taking our course shows a commitment to improving their communication skills in interactions with patients
and other healthcare professionals.”

What was accredited and how?

SLC its first online Medical English course, ‘Online English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials
Right’ accredited. They commented: “We are hoping to have our upcoming online Medical English courses for Health Care
Assistants & Carers and for doctors accredited when they are launched this year.”

SLC benefitted from the assessment process through the advice to improve their course to a higher standard. They commented:

“We received some good advice, especially around course follow up and feedback,
which we will integrate into the second iteration of the course. We are also
developing a blended version of the course which we will make sure addresses the
points raised around tutor support for online learning.”

How do you use your accreditation?

SLC promote the CPD Standards accreditation on their website and have a dedicated course page where the logo is found. The course is also promoted on marketing collateral used for networking opportunities. They commented:

“We have recently entered a series of partnerships with healthcare recruitment
companies who are giving or offering the course to their international nursing
candidates. In all cases, the fact that the course is CPD-accredited is a definite


What effect has the CPD Standards Office accreditation had on your business?

SLC believes the CPD Standards accreditation has given them stronger credibility in the
marketplace. They commented:

“For a new product in a relatively unchartered space, it has helped in forming partnerships and in opening up conversations with potential customers.”

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