At the end of December 2020, 1.72 million people were out of work in the UK, an increase of 1.2% compared to September 2019. The job market is now more competitive than ever, with many seeking any type of work they can find to support themselves financially.

Rising numbers of professionals are now looking to up-skill into new industries and get back into work by changing careers. As the demand for upskilling increases, many individuals have now started sourcing training from companies that have a CPD accreditation. One of the benefits of cpd accreditation is that it ensures that CPD points are given to the individual upon completion.

But just what does the job market look like in the UK today? We analysed to find out which industries are hiring in the current environment and in which parts of the UK the most available jobs are.

Which Job Positions Are Most Available? Few will be surprised that medical professionals are most in-demand, with 4.32% of all roles advertised on Glassdoor UK looking for a registered nurse. Pressure on the NHS is nothing new, but the pandemic has led to even more numbers of trained medical staff required to cope with COVID-19.

2.35% of jobs on offer are for janitorial staff. Despite many businesses being closed, those that are able to remain open need to address cleanliness and hygiene as a high priority in order to comply with government guidelines, meaning cleaning staff are in high demand.

Digital marketing representatives make up 1.97% of all open roles and marketing managers come in at 2%. With 85,000 businesses launching online stores since March 2020 and 75% of buyers and sellers preferring online stores, digital marketing appears to be a growth industry despite, or some may argue because of, the challenging economic times.

Schools have been intermittently closed over the last twelve months and this has left many parents with the tough challenge of having to look after their children while also working. A third of local authorities have reduced free childcare placements in the UK, meaning early years are also being denied free child care. Therefore, private childcare providers have had a hiring surge and nanny’s now make up 1.79% of open roles.

Private tutor jobs are also on the rise, with 1.48% of advertised roles on Glassdoor UK. Concerned parents are choosing to use these private educators to accommodate missed lessons from school.

Where Is The Highest Supply of Jobs?

The North / South divide when it comes to economic opportunity has been in the news again recently in the context of varying lockdown restrictions across the country. The data from Glassdoor did show a significant number of adverts were for jobs in London (27.85%), however, Northern cities were also well represented, with Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow, combining to make up 34% of advertised jobs on Glassdoor UK.

Which Companies Have The Highest Percentage of Jobs Available?

When looking at specific companies who are hiring, the leader was a provider of private childcare care, Little Ones UK, at 1.50%, reflecting the need for private childcare during the pandemic and school and nursery closures.

Language Trainers, who provide foreign language lessons, took up 0.46% of adverts. In the first lockdown, 10% of Brits took an opportunity to learn a second language. Duolingo, a language learning app, showed an almost 300% increase in new users in March 2020 alone.

Hobbies that can be enjoyed safely in our own homes have been key keeping many of us occupied during lockdown. Gaming increased by 46% at the start of the pandemic and software developers Jadex are seeking various professionals to meet the demands of users, with 0.46% of advertised jobs.

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