The last thing you want to spend your time doing is updating your training material every few weeks – re-printing references, hand-outs and slides. But everything has a shelf life…So how many of these training offences are you committing?

Slides are two years old Aside from the date on your slides, the content itself starts to look old very quickly. Visual styles change, logos get replaced and events move on. Check your visual aids regularly to see if there is anything more recent available, and make sure that your colour schemes and layout are current.

References are out of date “According to the 2001 census…” is not going to convince your delegates you have a handle on the latest information!

Images are old Yes, black & white images can be a giveaway, but styles of image change quickly. Even world maps need updating!

Your delegates are not engaging This is the biggest sign that your material is dead. What was current a few years ago (or months ago in some industries) is old news now. And your delegates expect the latest, most up to date material from you.So if you are feeling that your delegates are not engaging or re-booking as you would like, take a look at how current your material is.

No Video content If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Everyone loves watching videos as part of a training session. They break up the intensity of the learning – and give the trainer a break too! So if you are not using video, you’re missing a great learning aid.

It’s not social Love it or hate it, Social Media is everywhere. If you’re not using the power of Twitter, the reach of Facebook or the depth of LinkedIn then your delegates are missing out.

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