We’re in a fortunate position, getting to see the “best of the best” trainers in action and hear their best advice. Here are their tips. Beware, many sound simple but applying them consistently yields fantastic results.

Set the dress code in advance You don’t want to be that person in jeans when everyone else is in a suit – or vice versa! Publish the dress code to everyone in advance.

Facilitate and encourage interaction during breaks Spot those introverts that usually hang around at the coffee table and draw them into conversation with other delegates and seek opportunities to put delegates together who could do business.

Give external references Use external sources to give your delegates further learning, practical examples and context to your training. This can include books, eBooks, downloads, web links, social media links, etc.

Finish 10 minutes early What a gift! Finishing 10 minutes early is like giving the gift of time to your delegates. Offer to chat informally after or let them get away and beat the rush.

Draw out key burning issues at the start of the training Collect the key issues your delegates want covered – the bits they really came along to hear and make sure you cover them earlier in the day. And if you can’t cover one of the points acknowledge it and agree a way to cover that point with the delegate after the event.

Recap at the end of the day Start with the key points identified in the item above then draw out your key learning points delivered during the day.

In multi-day training recap at the start of each day Again, blindingly obvious, but if your delegates have not stayed overnight (or if they’ve had a long night!) they will be grateful for a reminder of yesterday’s key points and the chance to raise questions on them before diving into today’s agenda.

If delegates are staying over recommend restaurants or evening activities It doesn’t take much effort to find three great local options for your delegates evening meal and entertainment – but make sure what you are suggesting is good!

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