Outsourced CPD Accreditation

As part of the Professional Development Consortium, the CPD Standards office works closely with a variety of preferred organisations within each industry sector. As well as accrediting individual training and learning providers the office has a number of strategic collaborative relationships with professional bodies and Institutes.

As part of our offering, we also offer an outsourced accreditation service for professional and membership organisations. Here we work closely with an organisation and undertake all parts of their accredited service for them.

Why is this service needed?

In challenging economic times, professional and membership organisations often struggle to find appropriate resources to manage and uphold their CPD and accredited provider schemes.

The CPD Standards Office offers a fully managed CPD resource and accreditation service, taking the responsibility and admin ‘headache’ away from the member organisation and runs it as an official outsourced resource. Working closely with the organisation, the CPD Standards Office outsourced accreditation service is able to:

  • Host a fully resourced CPD accreditation service that sits within the overall CPD scheme and meets the requirements of individual members
  • Thoroughly assess and accredit a community of training, learning and coaching providers relevant to the member organisation and CPD scheme
  • Provide regular updates and reporting on the accreditation service to ensure alignment with the CPD recording system and relevant policies and activities within the member organisation

Optional extras include:
  • Handle all payment and financial aspects of the accreditation
  • Tailor the accredited activities to the CPD recording outputs

To find out more please contact us on +97156 1060 224