Dual Accreditation – A Twin Win

Become recognised as a provider of training excellence with a fully accredited CPD provision.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Working with our market-leading training organisation, we have curated and developed a gold standard CPD accreditation.


Differentiating yourself in a crowded training market is becoming increasingly challenging. Dual accreditation demands that you have had a rigorous verification of your organisation and portfolio.

Learning Organisations – A True Aspiration

Good training teaches. Great training transforms.
In today’s 24/7 world it is key for training providers to walk in their client’s shoes. Not only teaching new skills and knowledge but also identifying individuals challenges and knowledge gaps, ensuring it aligns to their business and professional objectives is key.

Why Upgrade my CPD Accreditation?

24 Hours Consulting

If you are already recognised as a CPD provider, you will share our belief that good training requires external verification. Combining the two = Gold standard CPD.

By upgrading to dual accreditation, you will demonstrate to your customers that:
You take a multi-dimensional approach to ensuring high-quality service and delivery. You are focused on ensuring every single aspect of your training experiences comply with both CPD criteria and generic training industry benchmarks.

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