CPD Centre

Get a portfolio of training courses, events and online activities accredited together as a CPD centre


If you offer a variety of training courses, events, online activities that need to be accredited, we recommend you become a CPD Standards Accredited CPD Centre.

By joining us as a member and becoming an Accredited CPD Centre, you will receive a formal accreditation across your entire training portfolio and be globally recognised as a provider of excellent CPD learning and training courses.

There are a number of benefits from having your full portfolio of training activities accredited:

  • Upon achieving a CPD certificate you will grow your organisation’s reputation by being able to market your educational activities as a high quality standard to your clients and colleagues.
  • You will have access to ongoing advice and updates from our cutting edge CPD research including guidance on communications, and marketing, for CPD schemes and provision.
  • You will also join the ranks of other CPD Standards Accredited CPD Centres such as Centaur Media, PGS Training, Creativedge and CC Consulting.

We would love to hear about your training activities and see how CPD accreditation might help your business. distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.