What gives us the right to accredit?

The CPD Standards Office prides itself on the thorough assessment and accreditation service. It offers training and learning providers to ensure the overall company mission is delivered. That is, to make CPD better, easier and more affordable for everyone who engages with professional development throughout their career.

The Office is the most valuable organisation to accredit CPD for several reasons:

  • Firstly, CPD is not governed or regulated as a professional practice; instead, there are professional bodies, institutes, and regulators that are present in all sectors and disciplines, with over 1,600 in the UK alone. We have worked closely with these organisations that mandate CPD requirements for their specific sector, discipline, or practice to consult research and share best practice activities.
  • The CPD research, of the past and present, is continually consulted with several hundred professional bodies, regulators, trade and membership organisations, and as a result, we are highly respected within our area of expertise.
  • An independent expert advisory board steers our accreditation activities and consists of colleagues from membership organisations, academics and CPD experts.
  • The Institute of CPD has a direct and exclusive partnership with us and is the only organisation within the CPD arena that focuses on individuals dedicated to ongoing CPD and professional development.