CPD Accreditation for Digital Learning

Sell more digital training with CPD accreditation

Our research has shown there is an ever-increasing demand for CPD accredited activities online. Many professionals now prefer to do their CPD hours from the comfort of their homes or online, rather than travel – and take time off work – for live courses.

What you will gain by CPD accreditation for your digital learning

By accrediting your digital course you will:

  • Attract more delegates looking for online CPD courses
  • Be able to enter new markets
  • Be part of our recommended providers
  • Have access to a network of top providers who share best practices
  • Be given findings from our research on what delegates really want from online courses
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Demonstrate cutting edge service by issuing digital CPD certificates
  • Become a part of an elite global membership community
Health Care Accreditation Council

Global Membership Community

Step into an extraordinary realm of possibilities by joining the esteemed Global CPD Standards Community tailored for Digital Learning.

For those specialising in digital education, a remarkable avenue to secure more engagements unfolds through CPD Accreditation.

The independent CPD Accreditation empowers attendees of your digital learning offerings to not just engage in educational endeavours but take a strategic step towards their professional growth.

In a landscape where over 1,400 professional bodies mandate CPD, our community provides you with the means to extend your influence and venture into unexplored markets.

This accreditation sets the stage for you to confidently reach new markets and offer your digital expertise to a broader audience.

Accredited providers are better positioned to secure in-house collaborations with companies committed to fulfilling their employees' CPD requirements.

The Trustmark For Quality CPD Training

Digital learning formats that could achieve accreditation through the CPD Standards Office include, but are not limited to:

E-learning courses



Gamified resources

Ebooks, PDFs or others

These activities can be delivered to any type of community, group or individual. They will always be focused on a well-defined theme or topic, with each different digital learning format always accredited separately.

Benefits of CPD Accreditation for your Digital Learning

  • Sell your training to a much wider audience
  • Add INSTANT, professional credibility
  • Be seen as the BEST in your market
  • Beat your competitors
  • Gain a HUGE market share
  • Attract a higher standard of signups
  • Give your attendees MORE confidence
  • Develop profitable opportunities
  • Validate your professionalism
  • Enhance your presence and reputation

CPD Accreditation In 3 Simple Steps...

Step 1

Choose a date & fill in the application form

Click here to view availability, choose a date and time that works best for you and answer a few questions.

Step 2

Attend your 30 minute CPD eligibility call

Attend the eligibility call via telephone with one of our CPD specialists who will go through your activities.

Step 3

Take the assessment & become CPD verified

Fill in our online assessment form to prove you meet the criteria required and become a CPD provider.

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